• We will do our utmost to deliver all orders before there chosen delivery time, however the traffic is out of our control and on occasion we will get stuck. We will always let you know if we do and will make the delivery as soon as is possible. If the delivery is over 1 Hour late, we will refund you for the order if you would like.
  • We can only commit to delivery before a certain time and not at a specific time, we have several deliveries per van, per day which makes delivering at a specific time impossible.
  • If you can only accept delivery at a specific time, get in touch and we may be able to make it happen, we will need to charge for delivery on these occasions.
  • All our vans are refrigerated which means our food will be perfectly safe to consume for up to 4 hours from delivery if it is not stored in a fridge.
  • Our drivers are nice and will be happy to deliver your food to the room you need it delivered to, however if access to that space is particularly difficult or time consuming they may ask for a hand or deliver to a more accessible room instead.
  • Each driver is running to a pretty tight schedule, please consider them and don’t make them wait unnecessarily long, if you do they may have to find a convenient place to leave your delivery and leg it to the van to get on with the rest of their drops.



  • The platters we use are not disposable and we will collect them a day or two after delivery. We count them before delivering so we know exactly what you received.
  • Please keep all the empty platters together in one location for the drivers to collect, unfortunately, the drivers are not allowed to launch a full-scale platter search and rescue operation throughout your premises to try and track down empty platters. They don’t have the time to and a delivery driver rummaging through every kitchen cupboard can look rather suspicious.
  • If platters are damaged or vanish while under your watch we will regrettably have to charge for them at cost. We don’t like doing this, but they aren’t cheap.
  • Platters do not need to be cleaned, but it would be nice if you could throw away any unused food before storing the platters ready for collection.


Ordering & Payment

  • Orders can be placed by online, which is best, by email or even by phone. We do love a chat but all phone orders will need to be confirmed by email too. We will always send a confirmation email to confirm an order. IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CONFIRMATION EMAIL YOUR ORDER HAS NOT BEEN PLACED.
  • All orders need to be placed by 2pm the working day before delivery is due, this gives us enough time to place all our orders and do the admin bits we need to do. If you are desperate and need to place an order after that time or even on the same day give us a call and we will do our best to help. We do charge £10 to cover our extra labour and admin costs associated with late orders.
  • Our payment terms for account customers are 30 days from invoice, paying on time is always really nice for us small guys.
  • We charge 2% for card payments only because that is what we get charged… sorry.


Cancelation & Issues

  • If you need to cancel an order you can do it online or by email. If it is after 2pm the working day before delivery we will need to charge £10 to cover the cost of re-printing all our production sheets and adjusting our supplier orders. If you need to cancel on the day of delivery we will have to charge in full for the order as we start making your food early in the morning.
  • We do our best to make sure your order is perfect, however, if there is some issue with your order please get in touch ASAP and we will do our best to put it right immediately.
  • We love feedback, please feel free to give us some if you want.


Refunds & Returns

  • If for some reason you are unhappy with the order in any way we will be happy to collect it and refund you for the order value provided it is mostly un-eaten.
  • We are not able to accept returns if the wrong buffet was ordered in error by yourself.
  • If we have delivered the wrong product in error we will endeavour to get the right product to you as soon as possible. If we are not able to make good on the delivery by the time you require it we will refund you for the purchase.